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    Here's a list of things that would make the Treo even better (many of these were taken from other posts):

    In no particular order:

    High Res screen
    1+Mega-pixel camera
    Built-in Flash
    Video capability
    Voice/call recording

    This may sound ridiculous to some but I would love to see a lazer pointer built in too (I do a lot of presentations).

    Is there anything anyone else would like to see in the future models?
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    Have the Web hotkeye toggle between the web page and bookmarks, like the Treo300 did

    Have the Phone hotkey toggle from Phone to contacts (at least) then back.

    Let there be an easier way to change email accounts on the Handspring Client. Like a pull down on the top or something.

    A setting to lock the ringer volume at a certain level so that you can't change it by mistake with the Vol keys (via phone prefs or something)

    Bluetooth at least, if not the addition of Wi-Fi as well.

    Voice recording

    A built in Expense PRC

    More memory

    And sure a nicer screen would be nice, but not a big issue for me, as well as the high res camera or flash.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure we need YAT (yet another thread) about this, but for me, the two most critical needs are:

    louder ringer
    more noticeable vibrator
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