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    My T600 won't hotsync calendar to or from outlook anymore. I've tried deleting and changing usernames.

    Palm support are recommending that I create a new profile and sync to this new profile, and to achieve this, I do a hard reset- then sync, and when I am prompted for a new profile, I select ‘Create a new profile’

    A few questions:
    1. Is this the best way of solving the problem
    2. If it is, how do I backup my data before erasing it all. I have downloaded a trial of backup buddy (to put the data onto the SD card), but now its refusing to sync at all, so I can’t get the application across!
    3. If I do manage to back up, will the data corrupt the unit when I restore it after following Palm’s suggestions.

    Please help!

    I've attached the error log.

    HotSync does not support dates before 1970. The following record has been adjusted to 1970:
    , 1/7/1971, 7:00pm

    ERROR: 00001013
    Exception thrown at line (341)

    The end date you entered occurs before the start date.

    517: DbConvert
    7527: BaseConduit
    8174: BaseConduit
    4470: BaseConduit
    4172: BaseConduit
    9233: BaseConduit

    ERROR: 00001013
    While converting the following record to Outlook format:

    , 1/7/1971, 7:00pm

    515: DbConvert

    Outlook Calendar - Recovery Sync
    New Base Folder
    New User synchronization failed
    Conduit 'Outlook Calendar' Error: Unknown error. (FFFF)
    OK Outlook Contacts - Recovery Sync
    New User
    OK Outlook Tasks - Recovery Sync
    New User
    OK Outlook Notes - Recovery Sync
    New User
    -- Backing up db Email_libr_HsMp_BBF17972 to file C:\Program Files\Handspring\BG\Backup\Email_libr_HsMp_BBF17972.PDB
    -- Backing up db Graffiti ShortCuts to file C:\Program Files\Handspring\BG\Backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts.PRC
    OK System
    HotSync operation complete 26/01/2004 7:31:48 PM

    Many thanks!
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    Bump. Same problem. Using DateBK 5.
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    You'll see I had the problem some months ago. Fixed by a very helpful operator (in India) who got me to export the file in and out of Palm Desktop. It turned out the data was corrupted, and the import export operation fixed the problem. Good luck, and if all else fails, ask Palm support!

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