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    I AM AT MY WITS END ....

    I am now in possession of my 4th Treo 270 in as many weeks. I suspect this might be a plan to get me upgrade to the 600.

    Phone 1: I order the $99 new AT&T deal from Handspring, then try to migrate my old work number which was on an AT&T a commercial account. So I'm not eligible for the $99 deal, OK, I'll play, I don't like it as I've never had an account with AT&T, but I want a Treo so who do I give my credit card to? Can't do it, have to ship it back at my own cost and order a new phone.

    Phone 2: After 3 hours of AT&T purgatory, it seems the good folks at Palm sent me a T-Mobile phone. No problem but I need a new phone, we'll send you another one.

    Phone 3: Replacement arrives with a return label to ship back. Phone 2 goes into the return box with the supplied return label. Phone 3 works, well not really, sadly it has no system sounds or ringer So Palmone ships phone 4.

    Phone 4: New unit arrives, this time I notice that there is no return label to ship it back. I call and am told that the return label will come under separate cover. Meanwhile Phone 4 now works, but I have now discovered the untold truth, which is that you get maybe 90 minutes of talk time with the Treo 270, so you need to spend extra bucks on various charger cables. Well OK, this is a great gadget; maybe I'll just get me a 600.

    Now it gets real interesting. The return label for phone 3 has still not shown up yet. And today I found out that, now get this, It seems that Palm One will no longer pay for the return shipment of defective units (Treo 270 a.k.a. phone 3).

    Imagine that! THREE OUT OF THE FOUR PHONES I'VE RECIEVED FROM PALMONE HAVE BEEN DEFECTIVE, and I’m expected to ship back a defective unit at my own cost?!And of course they took my credit card number just in case I failed to return it.

    I’ve never seen anything like this. So I'm trying to find someone, anyone at Palm One who cares. I invariably get sent to another customer service rep with a “supervisor” title who thinks I need to pay to send a defective product back to it's source.

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    Write to your credit card company, explain that the unit you purchased is defective, etc. and you want the charge removed. Then call P1 and tell them you've done it, and if they want the phones back they can send you a return label. If they don't, write the BBB and any consumer protect. agenciesin your state..
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    Within 30 minutes of my first post (pure coincidence I'm sure), I got a call from a person from P1's escalation team.

    Seems they have a new return center that does not have a means to create a waybill. So they are going to give me a refund when I show my reciept for shipping it.

    Reasonable, too bad it took so long to get to a person who cares.

    I'm also in the process of updating the 270 to a 600. I'm a glutton

    Dan in Dallas ...
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    You're going to love the 600 - it's the Cat's Meow.
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