Please help me. I feel like I'm stuck in limbo between PIM software suites, and right now, I have nothing to count on. There's gotta be a way to live in one camp or the other, but I need the shared wisdom of others....

Until a few months ago, I used a first-generation Palm device (IIIxe) and the Palm Desktop to keep my contacts, schedule, memos, and to dos. It worked OK -- it seldomly confused or duplicated data, and rarely ate anything, so it was good enough, but could have been better.

Then, I decided to upgrade the IIIxe to a Treo 600, and to migrate to Address Book/iCal while I was at it. (Having all my data in one place is very enticing, if only it worked.)

The syncing among the three devices seemed to go very well for the first half of my 60-day free .Mac trial, but then I started losing substantial data of all types -- phones numbers (i.e., my fiancee's home number, but not her work or cell -- go figure), datebook entries, etc. When I would sync after the troubles began, I would get notices that it was would be, say, deleting 1650 addresses and adding 1653, instead of just adding the three new ones. It wasn't just a bookkeeping difference -- the categories on my phone are crucial to me, and this would reinstall them all as "unfiled."

I went to the end of the 60-day trial, and even paid my fee to officially enroll for a year, but then saw that it just wasn't going to work for me. So, I canceled.

NOW, I want to export my databases (calendar, contacts and to-dos) back to Palm Desktop since they're 60-plus days newer, and although Apple Help says that exporting and importing vCards into Palm Desktop is doable, this has not been my experience.

If you have any experience with this, please share it with me. I have also posted at MacCentral and Apple forums, without a peep so far.

Thanks, in advance.
Mike P.

If it matters, I have a iMac Superdrive at home and a G3 at work. Both are running 10.2.