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    I purchased a Treo 600 on Saturday without activating it with Sprint (because I was unable to get the same supervisor on the phone who promised me a massive discount once I activated it). And I am happy to say that I didn't activate it yet because yesterday I stumble upon the BIG rumor going around about the Treo 610 (I know its a rumor but I am going with it for the time being).

    Use this thread to post ALL news you have on this phone either through inside information or your own speculation about the Treo 610. I have till Feb 29th to return my Treo 600 and I will return it if in fact is correct and the Treo 610 will be out 3.1.04.

    I owned the Treo 600 for 4 days at the end of December while waiting to hear from Sprint regarding a rebate I was offered but in the end not eligible for and it was the PERFECT phone. So I know the Treo is for me which is why I don't need the 30 days to test it out.

    Regardless of this, I want ALL information on the new Treo 610 you have and hope that is the place to find it all. Go nuts, inside information, speculation, wishes, anything, post it here.
    Doug Kaplan
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    The biggest piece of news is that there is no news!!! The only reference to it anywhere outside a forum is at, and if you trace their stories back, they're referring to info they read in a forum.

    The only references to a 610 in forums fall into one of two categories:
    1. Continuations of threads that started as "What do you want to see in the next Treo?"
    2. References to the articles, which, as I've already stated, were based on the aforementioned forum threads.

    Finally, as one reader pointed out not that long ago, Palm/Handspring has not filed a new product with the FCC. Without an FCC filing, it does not exist.

    Having said all that, it would be consistent for Palm to release a new model sometime soon, and one Palm insider did point out that the board left a spot for a bluetooth chip.

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    As far as reponses and updates you gave me exactly what I want. We can keep all rumors and news in this one easy to read through thread.

    Of course its not official yet or else I would return my unactivated treo 600 right now but while speculation is in the air why not go with it?
    Doug Kaplan
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    Only rumor I've heard is about people in our society that actually believe rumors. But I don't believe that...
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    I'm also going to jump on the "there is no 610" bandwagon. Now that I learn a Sprint rep says there will be makes me that much more positive! Hah!
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    It would be kinda silly to keep a thread that is based on rumor(s) running and running and running. Let's just enjoy the Treo 600 a bit longer, shell we?
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    its rumors but I cant be the only one interested in finding out about the treos successor/update.

    it also does belong here because if someone who is thinking about buying one, they might be interested to know that there are rumors going around about a new version coming out soon and they might not want to waste there money.

    also...i put this in the general threads because thats where it belongs. this is general chat about the "treo 610." i dont see why it would be wrong to talk about this here.
    Doug Kaplan
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    I didn't think it was wrong just silly. Besides, Slk24kgj, with all honesty: If there's anything truthful about this rumor, you'd probably hear about it right here on's home page. Cheers!

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