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    I frequently am away from my home computer and have not purchased a second sync cable, so when I want to install new software, I usually download it to my webserver, unzip it, and load the file in Blazer.

    Today I grabbed the latest release of Mobipocket and unzipped the files here. I am able to download MathLib.prc, MobiBook.prc, MobipocketCommonImages5.prc, and bluepalm.pdb. When I try to download MobipocketCommonRez.prc, mobihelp.prc, or sample.prc, Blazer tries to parse them as if they were text files.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any idea on a workaround? Is there, perhaps, a MIME type I can set to force Blazer to treat the file as a .pdb or .prc?

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    Figured it out after perusing the Treo dev docs: Setting the MIME type to application/x-pilot seems to have done it. Using application/vnd.palm may have worked, too, but I didn't try that one.


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