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    Can someone tell me what Sprint BC is, what it costs, and a rundown of what it offers? I can't find it on the Handspring site.
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    Thanks! Killer avatar by the way.

    Anyone know how much BC costs?
    Also, anyone using it with Lotus Notes? How does this work in a nutshell? I assume your company has to provide and pay for this service on the back end?
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    Personal Edition is free.

    They do have more advanced levels of service which are fee based. I don't know what the fees are, but unless you have a firewall or VPN, there are other alternatives that are free.

    PE works fine for me and is really a wonderful thing for users that have Microsoft Exchange/Outlook at work/home. It's especially great for those of use who have VPN's that do not support VPN clients for the Treo 600 (like me.....if anyone knows of a client compatible with Cisco 5000 PLEASE tell me asap).

    If you only want to access your mail server and business/personal contact list, PE is all you really need and it does a fine job. It also offers a nice way to access some documents on your PC. Unfortunately, the access to documents only handles certain file types, however, you can attach any type and mail it to someone else if needed.
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    My company has a firewall and a VPN as well. For accessing corporate Lotus Notes mail and calendaring, I imagine there must be a server-side component (as opposed to just having the Notes client), correct? What has to be done on the server side, and what does it cost?
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    The server side for Personal Edition resides on your computer. You must install it via download/registration from SprintPCS

    Install and Setup are EZ.
    If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are.

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    I just finished setting up BC with Lotus Notes. One minor complaint: Business Connection keeps remapping the third hardware button to itself after a soft Treo reset. I know this is the default, but it keeps overwriting my preference to remap the third button to Memo. Any way to stop it from doing this?
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    I posted this at another thread and got no response, so I'm trying again here.

    I would like an alternative to Sprint's Business Connection (BC) that enables access to my office PC files. I happily use Basejet to access my Lotus Notes mail, however it doesn't (to my knowledge) provide access to a folder and its associated files as BC does.

    I successfully use Mobilefile for my home's PC files, but it requires disabling DHCP and defining the IP address. I can't use it for my corporate solution as I'm unable to identify the gateway address of my office network.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative for PC file access through a corporate network?
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    I cant get my BC to connect to my office computer. Im running Lotus Domino 6.0.5 but dont knw what the proxy settings and passwords should be.

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