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    I'm having problems with my Hot Sync following the upgrade on my SprintPCS Treo 600.

    Upon installing the software, the phone will sync to the PC; however, after a restart on the computer the PC seems to loose the connection and the Palm is no longer recognized by the PC.

    I read about this problem on the Handspring Support Site.

    The recommends not using PalmUSBD.sys with the Handspring, yet that is the driver that comes with the CD. It says to use PalmUSB.sys or VisorUsb.inf neither of which are on my CD. Handspring doesn't provide drivers just the software download. Oddly, the downloaded software (from the link on the support page) only has the PalmUSBD.sys file.

    Does anyone have the PalmUSB.sys on their CD? If so can someone email it to me? stteve@(NOSPAM)

    Also, has anyone else had this problem?

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    I'm having this problem now, 10 months after getting my AT&T Treo 600. Really disappointed nobody helped you! Did you ever figure it out? All I'm getting is a low-pitched beep-beep-beep from the PC (like the sound you hear whenyou sync, but I don't get the high pitched beep following the low pitched beep) :-(
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    I had a sync problem where after a while, the treo would no longer sync until i rebooted the PC. Turned out it was because my laptop was turning the usb off to save power. Go into the hardware section of the control panel open up device manager and under USB find root hub and open them up. There will be a powermanagement tab that you can open and dont allow the things to be turned off!!

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