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    Somethimg I was wondering about, well I can not say it was confirmned but lets just say I do believe what I have feared.

    why is vision going out at night?

    if it is not a connection prob. (you do get on the net, just can not browse) do you believe the "up-dateing" crap?

    how popular are programs like "pdanet"?

    well from what I understand what is going on is they are seeing who is useing data when you can not log on vision. Then you WILL loose your vision. This is all based on the overall usage being high enough. Also might just lead to a vision price increase. point is that if you want no probs. in the future I would advise that you only use your phone as a modem when you can also log onto vision. just my .02
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    Uh.... You can't use your Treo as a modem with PDANet if you cannot log onto Vision. It uses Vision.
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    uhh NO, you are wrong. you have 2 be able to get on the net, NOT log onto vision. I guess you do not use pdanet or if you do you have had no prob with vision (I am sure you don't use pdanet though). if you try 2 log on vision at night lately it will not let you BUT da' lill' thing next 2 signal will still tell you that you are on the net. PDANET WILL WORK, but you can not browse on your own with the treo. People DO WHAT YOU WANT, I'm just trying 2 help.
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    don't believe me TRY IT. The store I run sells sprint, just trying 2 help.
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    Paging phildro to thread 47310. Come in phildro.

    ...Oh well.

    hetyey225 -- the problem is that Blazer is busted. phildro's theory is that it can't connect to whatever proxy service it needs on Sprint's network. You can search these forums for "blazer" and "proxy" to find this solution to getting the thing to work. ...And that's about as helpful as I feel like being at the moment. I will now return to my usual, unhelpful self-amusement.

    The Blazer! She is broken!!
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    Heytey, I think you are confused. Vision is the internet service on Sprint devices. I think you believe the web browser is the only thing that uses Vision. That is simply not true (despite your admirably running a store that sells Sprints).

    As snerdy describes, you need to fix Blazer.
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    blazer is fine. works fine dureing the day. sprint "says" they are working on their network and that has been the prob. at night (in philly area atleast). please someone that useses pdanet respond. next time you try 2 log onto vision and have a prob. (everyone does at times) look at your signal, it will show you 2 be in data, on da' net, whatever, but it will not let you go 2 a website. now take your phone and hook up 2 your computer and start pdanet, guess what? you can surf thru explorer, dissconect and try vision, a no go. do what you want, I don't care if your vision gets cancelled.
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    get yourself a copy of webpro, cause uh, interestingly enough when blazer doesn't work webpro will.

    and the rest are correct, I use pdanet, it uses vision, vision=data, the only thing that isn't working is blazer.
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