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    Hi All,

    Nope, I know about LauncherX etc. that can run apps from the memory card... Thats not the problem... The problem is running those apps databases off the memory card.

    Take Wordz 2.3 for example:

    Wordz.prc (11k)
    WordzDB (1300k)

    How can I put both of these onto the memory card and run it off there. There are lots of apps that I am running of the memory card, but their big databases are still using the palms memory up...

    Anybody know of any programs that will do this?
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    Hmm... from my experiences using Zlauncher, it moves both the app and DB's to the card. In fact, I think PoweRun does this as well if I recall...
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    I tried POWERrun, and i just seemed to move the app. It could have something todo with creator ID etc.

    Let me check the Wordz...

    Wordz (Creator: Word, Type: appl)
    WordzDB (Creator: Wrdz, Type: DATA)

    So there you go, I has to be able to use separate creator ID's...
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    I've got ZLauncher and it does move the app and db files to the card. You just have to make sure you have that selected as a preference.
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    Has anyone tried Super Utility from Handmark?
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    I think the answer is that it all depends on the database. I believe that only Read-Only databases can be moved to the card. The Palm OS is not capable of opening databases on the card for Read-Write access. A developer can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

    When I use L-X to move an app to the card, what gets moved with it varies. But Read Only databses (like the dictionary in the Scrabble game do get moved.
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    ZLauncher moves everything to the card.
    With Scrabble:

    Also to clear things up, ZLauncher does not run the apps from the card. The apps (and all related files) reside on the card but when you run a program it copies everything to the system memory and runs the program. When you're done it frees the system memory used by the program. I don't know about the other programs but with ZLauncher it is very,very simple, you just create a shortcut (which itself is incredibly easy) and forget about it. You don't need to know anything about related DBs etc, it takes care of all that.

    As an example, almost all my apps are on my sd card, since I have had my treo I've put 66 apps on it and I have over 14Mb of free system memory.
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    I am not able to get my Launcher X to move the databases... It only seems to do the PRC file. The only time you can do the databases is if the Program has the ability to read the database off the SD card.

    Still, that requires a manual copy...
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