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    (note - this palmOne using something other than palmOS for its devices has been discussed before (possibly not on treocentral); makes total sense since they spun off palmsource as a completely separate company)
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    Wow, interesting.
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    Eh...I wouldn't make to much of this for now. PalmOne may simply be distancing itself from PalmSource in order to get by better leverage for liencing purposes for example. In any case, what other OS's could they even consider? M$ WM04 doesn't make much strategic sense and I doubt they see any advantage with linux either. Also the Symbian consortium looks interesting but I dunno how appealing that would be considering how much influence Nokia has...even more so now with the buyout of Psion. Of course if makes sense for PalmOne to leverage their bets with multiple platforms, but I would be very skeptical if we were to see anything but a future PalmOS Treo successor...
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