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    Keeps causing a soft reboot after the nag screen, How do I completly remove from my Treo 600?
    Scott T DeBlaze
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    Try using FileZ to remove all associated files.

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    I've never had that problem, but you need to "Exit" from Launcher X (from the menu) before deleting the app.
    Bob Meyer
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    I had this problem shortly after installing LauncherX, but removing the app and reinstalling it solved the problem.

    However, there are some special considerations to completely remove LauncherX:

    1. First you need to delete LauncherX. You can do this using either the built-in Handspring Launcher or a 3rd party app like Filez.

    a. Considering LauncherX is crashing, there's a chance that you won't be able to launch any other app. You'll have to soft-reset your unit.

    b. After reset, you'll get to the Prefs screen. Go to the "buttons" section and assign one of the hardware keys to the regular Apps Launcher.

    c. Now you'll be able to use AppLauncher or any other app to delete LauncherX.

    2. The problem left is that the "home" key won't work as usual anymore, since it had been mapped to LauncherX. You'll need to load this file into your Treo and run it in order to restore the button to its original function.

    I must insist, however, that I had this problem only oncec and that after reinstalling I've been using LauncherX for several months without problems.

    Best regards,
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    Thanks I ended up just removing all of its components from my latest backup and moving forward.
    Scott T DeBlaze

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