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    New here and wondering about all the problems posted here...bad screens, resets, seems like problem after problem.

    I have a Visor Delux I bought around 1999-2000 and a year old cell phone. I really want the email capability and love the DateBook + views. Do I upgrade, or is the T600 a great idea with crappy manufacturing.

    I've already ordered from Cingular, but sounds scary.
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    Anyone checking this have any thoughts? Is it really a problem product or not?
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    When you read a message board for info, you have to understand that a vocal minority are just there to whine. Read the posts and cull out the most emphatic and obvious candidates...

    I've had no problems and love the product. Service and support are adequate ... as good as any other product I own.

    Yeah, it could have a few extra features out of the box, but almost everything else you could seriously want (sans a 320x320 screen) is possible through software or an expansion card.

    Good luck with your purchase!
    "I see dead pixels..."
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    those of us with good phones don't really bother making threads that talk about what a good phone it is. . . and that stands to reason, only people with problems will generally post them.

    it's a wonder phone, I've never been a big cell phone guy, I don't get a lot or make a lot of calls. but I sure do use this phone a lot; well worth every penny I spent on it.
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    Go with the 600... I just sold my Prism (including memplug and sprint phone module). The 600 is STABLE, powerful and integrated.

    I don't regret this item one bit.
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    Run, do not walk, to your dealer to upgrade to the 600.
    It is a wonderfull product...

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