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    Does anyone know of any way to add (via some shortcut) the current date and/or time to any place on my Treo 600 that has a place for text input, i.e., in my calendar for instance. There are many occassions when I need to add the current date or time to my entry and a short cut for doing so would be most helpful.
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    "s", "alt" then "ds" for da@
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    Yes. Look up in your manual about shortcuts.

    DS = current date
    TS = current time

    From the keyboard, you can hit S, Opt, then scroll down to the last symbol, hit Center and type DS or TS.

    With a stylus, make the shortcut symbol, then type DS or TS.
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    Thanks for the replies! It works. However, I cannot find any section in the Sprint PCS Treo 600 Users Manual that talks about shortcuts. Are there other such shortcuts? Where else can I find out about them?

    Also, does anyone know of any way to have a calendar (month, several months or selectable view) appear while I'm entering text in my Treo as I need it? For instance, if I'm in the middle of adding a note to something and I want to reference a future date, how can I look at a calendar (or can I make one pop-up) without having to move to the calendar application and loosing the place where I was entering the text? I know there's an application that allows one to cause a pop-up calculator and I love it but is there a similar way to have a calendar pop-up?
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    re: Shortcuts.

    Look in preferences. There are a few defined, and you can create your own.

    re: Calendars.

    I don't think there's any way to do this with the standard software. But I'm pretty sure there are some pop up calendars available. Check on, and
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I can't find any such software. Know anyone who is interested in writing this kind of a program?
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    Don't think there's a pop-calendar app out there.

    If you have a launcher or another app that allows for "last app", then that is a very good work around. I can enter text in MEMO, jump to DB5 to check the Calendar, select and copy text, hit my "last app" key combo press and I'm then back to MEMO with my cursor still in the same place I left it ready for pasting the copied text. Works for me.
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    The "last app" idea does work in some cases - like the one you mentioned with DB5 and memo but it doesn't work when I'm in the address book (I use KeyContacts) because when I leave KeyContacts to look at the calendar, KeyContacts doesn't let me go back to where I left off. There are also other examples of it being very cumbersome and time consuming to use the calendar application and the "last app" function.
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    Anyone know of a faster way to enter the shortcut stroke on a Treo 600? "S" "ALT" press nav down 3 times, and "Center" is a lot of keystrokes.

    While I'm asking, how about something that will re-format the output for @DS (DateStamp)? I prefer YYYY MMM DD to the default options (they only use two digits, maximum, and no option for letterd for the months, just numbers).

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