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    My 600 will arrive today. I want everything on my 600 to be just like my current 300. I don't know how to go about making this transfer happen and i don't know about compatability issues. Anybody have and advice??
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    Welcome to the Club Dave!

    Wish I could help you with first hand advice, but rest assured.... your question has been asked and more than likely answered here on the Forum. If you do a search you should get a list of relative topics.

    Good luck.
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    Get rid of any hacks or hardware specific software (and sync to your pc) before syncing the T6 for the first time. I was upgrading from a Palm m505 which was running an m505-specific patch to auto-turn on the backlight which put my T6 into an auto-reboot cycle until I figured out what was going on.
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    save yourself some trouble.

    don't do a straight transfer.

    sync your old devive.
    rename your backup folder \handspring\user\backup.
    install treo software, when it asks for a name type test or something.
    sync when it tells you to.
    select your old device name. this should transfer over all your contact and appointments if you use palm desktop.
    now, one by one install all your programs from the renamed backup folder.

    hacks and hack manager are not allowed.
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    well, i've got it up and running, but some apps make the T6 restart. I've eliminated programs that wern't "compatable". The main problem is Splash Photo (that came with T6). Any ideas?

    And one other thing, i can't get my business connection to work. It says i'm registered, but i can't log on...i'm calling sprint now. I've already spent 1 hour on the phone with activation, number transfer, and reactivation of my T3. (I gave it to my father)
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    Your Sprint T6 came with Splash Photo? Mine came with Splash Money, ID, and Shopper (all of which I've since deleted).
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    No, i'm sorry i misrepresented my self. It came with the ones you mentioned. I had Splash Photo on my T3 and Sync'd id to the T6. I am going to contact Splashdata with this issue instead. Maybe there is a T6 version of Splash Photo that i can switch to. Does anyone use splash photo? Is a photo app even needed with the T6?

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