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    For the past few days now, I've been getting spam on my T600 via the instant messaging service/SMS.

    Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, is there any way to comabat this glaring problem?


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    Unfortunately, when I was on Nextel, spammers got ahold of my # and were constantly sending me text messages about some hip hop club in Miami. Not much I could do. To add insult to injury, Nextel tried to charge me $.15 for each message. I complained and they gave me 100 free messages each month. It is pretty annoying, just like other spam and junk fax. Eventually, it stopped. I'm sure it will for you too.
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    I just received a Spam SMS message today for the first time.
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    If a spammer has your # (or e-mail alias) already, there's not much you can do to stop them. The same goes for someone blindly sending SMS spam to random numbers.

    If you normally give out your number to others, and spammers are getting hold of it that way, you could try a disposable e-mail service. I recently signed up for Spamex. You set up an account with Spamex using your real e-mail address (in this case, of the Treo), then you can create disposable e-mail addresses (DEAs). You only give out the disposable ones, which go through Spamex and forward to your real address. If you start getting spam on a disposable address, you can block individual senders or disable the DEA. There's a free trial, then it's about $10 for a year.

    My Treo 180 can get CNN headline news and school closings from the local radio station--and I won't worry about my number getting into a spammer's clutches.

  5. #5 providees disposable email aliases for free, I believe.

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