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    Lets start a Thread talking about experiences using a Treo 600 in Europe. It would help us frequent flyers avoid unpleasant surprises!

    All threads currently discuss treo 270, etc. Let's keep it on the Treo 600.

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    I'm interested to know about any T600-specific issues/comments too. I'm on my way to London in the end of Feb., and plan to give the phone a workout.

    (PS, anyone have recommendations / comments about pre-pain SIMs?
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    Pre-paid sim is the best from my experience. Unlimited free incoming calls. When you arrive, go to post office or tobacco stand, etc., buy prepaid sim, then give your no. out to home, work, etc. Use the time to quickly call them when you want to talk, let them call you back on AT&T, carriers at good rate. AT&T is .15/ min to western Europe.
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    On the subject, does anyone have a list of "must-have" apps for use while travelling, esp. to Europe?
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    - Tube (city and subway maps - found here )

    - SlovoEd (dictionaries, X to English and back - found here )

    - Bloomberg currency calculator (so you know how badly the exchange place is ripping you off) - found here

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