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    I think that SMS may be just around the corner. Anybody else seen this the past few days?

    I received a text message from one of my usual friends last evening. Usually, I get the notification that I've got a text message, and I have to follow the link to get to Shortmail to actually read it.

    Last evening, I selected GoTo as usual, and to my surprise I was taken to the message in a new Chat thread in native SMS. It was beautiful; almost brought a tear to my eye. I still can't reply yet, but it appears that at least delivery is coming in the new format. Hopefully, it'll only be a few days till it'll work both ways. I'd heard the target date was Feb 1st, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Anyone else noticed this? Looks like we're getting close, at least in my area.
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    As of this morning, it's working in Kansas City.
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    Yeah it's working the same in New Orleans. The Sprint Text Messaging web site says it is down until February 3rd. Hopefully this means it will all be working by then.
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    I have a Treo 300 in L.A. & can now receive but I can no longer send messages through treo300sms. I wonder if the advent of true text messaging from Sprint will prove the treo300 & 600sms programs to be obsulete...
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    I sent a message to myself, it appeared after about 8 seconds on my Treo. I tried to "Go To", and got a soft reset, twice. Oh, well.
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    As of today (1/26/04) SMS is working in the Boston area.
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    Originally posted by scooter
    As of this morning, it's working in Kansas City.
    I noticed it last night (25th) around 9:00pm in the KC area. No word from sprint i just tried to send myself one and it worked and still is working. Long test or is it actually up?
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    Just sent myself a SMS here in New York and it's working.

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