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    Whenver I perform a hot sync between my Treo 600 handheld and my home computer, the photos are not transferring over to my desktop. Aren't they supposed to go to the Treo Pictures folder?
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    Hi I am glad someone has the same problem .
    I have spent ages trying to get any sense out of orange.
    They say that although it says in the manual on the cd and on the phone that hot sync transfers pics to desk top it doesnt work with orange software!! this is proberably becase I can never talk to anyone who has a clue what they are talking about at orange ,would be most gratfull if you can get any further than I did , I gather it could be the conduit software that is either missing or corrupt on the disk.
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    There are a few different subfolders under the Treo Pictures folder (Personal, Unfiled, Transfer, etc.). Make sure you check in those. For a while I thought my pics were disappearing, but they were going to Unfiled rather than Personal...
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    I have looked in all folders and they are not there, are you on orange ?
    I think it could be my software disk.
    I would like to sort it out with orange as they dont have a clue it would be good to find some one who is able to down load pictures from thee treo to the pc
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    The only sub folder I have under Treo Pictures is my Hot Sync username, and there are no pictures there.

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