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    For anyone interested there is a discount reg code that gets you 30% off of the full $695 fee... It is not tracked or limited in any way so feel free to use it at will. I know this will be the first time OS 6 is discussed in any detail.

    The code (which you enter when registering at is:

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    Hey Oyinbo, Have you heard anything about OS 6 and any OS 6-related device announcements at the conference? That would certainly be worth price of admission. I noticed that Guy Kawasaki is speaking (should be good for a laugh) and I've heard a rumor that Jeff Hawkins might be making a cameo appearance.
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    I have not heard anything about OS 6 devices being announced, but it seems like it would be waaaay too soon.

    I've seen Kawasaki speak a few times and I have read a few of his books. He really is insightful especially if you are an entrepreneurial type (or a wanna be). Given his evangelism role at Apple I am sure he has a lot to say to the Palm OS developer crowd. Some people around Silicon Valley think he is an egotistical a$$, but I think he's pretty funny and he certainly calls people out on the carpet! He'll put on a good show no doubt.

    Funny you mention Hawkins... I heard (verbally) a rumor that he would be making an appearance, but there is nothing on the Palmsource conference agenda about him. Hrrrmmm...

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    Is this conference worth going to? Who here is going? - where early adopters discuss great stuff first

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