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    i can't seem to reply or compose new mail in hotmail. i can read mail, but the favorite contact button doesn't work when i click on it to write an email to someone, and then when i try to send an email it just takes me to the top of the screen.

    anyone else having this problem? hotmail is my main email account so this is really annoying. oh i'm using sprint if that matters. i've also noticed that none of the buttons on the hotmail toolbar work (send, save draft, attach etc)

    hotmail also has a bunch of picture buttons so it takes awhile to load. anyone know offhand how much webspace sprint pcs gives you?any help is greatly appreciated
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    Are you using the mobile version, or the full blown one?
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    i just go to hotmail in my web browser so i guess i'm using the full version? if there's a lesser mobile version of hotmail i don't know about i think that would solve my issues.
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    i found the msn mobile site and got happy because i thought it would solve my problems.. so i go through registering for the site but then the whole deal about messaging me the confirmation code comes up... sprint doesn't have it's messaging service up yet right? so am i sol on this?
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    Since you can fetch POP and IMAP emails with your T600 quite fast, why bother with web-based email (Hotmail, for example)?
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    this is all new to me. i thought i had to dl programs to notify me of new mail and such. if you wouldn't mind telling me how to setup pop mail or a place i can start looking for myself, i'd appreciate it.
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    Originally posted by m00se
    Since you can fetch POP and IMAP emails with your T600 quite fast, why bother with web-based email (Hotmail, for example)?
    Probably because like me, he's been using his Hotmail account a lot even prior to getting his Treo? As much as I'd like to ditch my Hotmail account, it isn't easy since I still use it a lot.
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    I'm sorry i can't giv eyou the actual site, but there is a Treo friendly Hotmail site. I had the same problems as you when i first got my Treo270. I called handspring (I think) to find out what was up and they gave me the other site to try, and it worked fine. Full Hotmail compatibility. the only downside was that it wouldn't remember my login, so I had to fully log in everytime i visited the site.

    Try calling HS/PO to find the site- I think it was some crazy addres with lots of numbers, not very memorable.

    PS. I can't give you the address because I broke my T270 a few months ago and I've been holding out for a Tmo T600 ever since. I now know the true meaing of pain (this must be what giving birth is like).
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    well thanks to whomever replied. i called handspring and when the automated machine found out i had sprint they forwarded me to them. the girl i talked to said they knew about the issue with hotmail and it had something to do with the recoding hotmail did in december which screwed things i guess i'm just going to wait on that..
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    Originally posted by Rushdown
    ... if you wouldn't mind telling me how to setup pop mail or a place i can start looking for myself, i'd appreciate it.
    Start with SnapperMail (an excellent eMail program for Palm OS) at:
    With this program you can set up any existing POP eMail accounts you have with your ISP (Earthlink, MSN, etc). The process is the same for the Palm OS' SnapperMail as it is for your deskop's Outlook Express, for example (POP3 Server name, User name, Password, SMTP Server, and so on...). Sounds complicated but it is quite simple. Do a search here for POP eMail or SnapperMail. Good luck
    I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
    -Mark Twain
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    Also consider They let you link all of your email accounts, including hotmail and yahoo, into one account. You can then use Sprint BC to add your fusemail account to your Treo. Fusemail is free.
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    Don't know if it's any good to you as I don't use hotmail but you may try accessing it through here:
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    Timber's link actually works. I used to be able to access hotmail through Advantgo only but this one actually works with Blazer.

    No guarantees though, Microsoft keeps changing their site and purposely adds codes to identify your browser and if your browser is not IE then Microsoft automatically disables some of the functions or access to certain pages.

    There are documented evidence to this and even Microsoft says that they do that so the IE users can fully enjoy the web experience because the non-IE browsers may not fully support some of the functions they have in the Microsoft site.

    So rather than having emails or calls about pages that would not work, Microsoft decided that the pages would not be accessible unless you use IE.

    Makes sense but isn't the web supposed to be for all platforms regardless of where or how you get to it.
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    Glad to be of help & it worked for you, you should find it'll stay working as it's for mobile devices.


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    Some report having to first sign up for the free MSN mobile account in order for the mobile hotmail to work. I use it ( all the time and love it.
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    cant seem to get into hotmail using msn mobile.... i get to log in using net passport...but after logging in, i get message saying that my browser does not have cookies enabled....but when i check my blazer preferences, my settings are such the "accept cookies" are enabled!!!

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    hit the AppLauncher (button with the house) , then hit the menu and select the delete choice and delete "web cookies". That should do it. If not, make sue your signed up at MSN mobile and use the link that we gave you to get to the hotmail site.
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    There is one good reason that I stick with sending email through the Yahoo mail interface on my Treo rather than setting up POP for my Yahoo account. I want all my sent mail to be in the same place. If I send mail from the Treo directly sent mail will reside on the Treo rather than in my Yahoo sent mail folder. Or am I missing something?
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    Login to

    I logged into hotmail and clicked on the "remember me" box, and then set up a bookmark. Now everytime I click on the bookmark, it brings me to my inbox without logging in everytime!
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    Yes, I think you can do it here too and it's faster and more streamlines, just an FYI
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