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    can someone please help with this..i signed up for msn mobile..but i see no option for hotmail!!! i only have

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    Have you read any of the posts in this thread? Read the ones by Timber and you'll be on your way.....

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    as ceb said, Timber is on the money

    put this url into blazer

    And as I said, some say you have to SIGN UP (not sign in)/join at MyMSN or Mobile MSN
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    plus, if you do sign up at MyMSN, you can go to "mobile" area, under "communications" and get some free/ useful alerts, like weather, stick prices, alerts when "friends" email you on Hotmail, etc..

    Hope this is helpfull
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    everything is working now.. i had to copy the paste when i was all logged in and everything. i still find it weird that there wasn't a hotmail link in my menu options though. oh well. alerts are workikng fine and i can reply to emails now.
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    I used to try that "remeber me" checkbox on my T270 and it never worked. I'm glad you got it working because it was a PITA to log in EVERY time I wanted to check my hotmail.

    Does anyone know why it wouldn't work for me? Maybe I had to try the "delete web cookies" deal to get it to go. Any thoughts?
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