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    I am having trouble getting a Midi ringtone file I download off the WEB on my desktop INTO my Treo 600..

    The manual says I should EMAIL the file to my Treo, but when I try that I get an error msg stating Treo cannot download file type..

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I set up a directory online, then FTP'dthe Midi's to it. Then I used the Treo web browser to access the directory and download them.
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    Good idea..

    Now, how do you go about setting up an online directory?
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    If you have webspace anywhere, just ftp to where you would upload your webpage, make a folder, then fill it with files, so if you were on say:

    and you made a folder in your www directory titled "treo"

    then you went to

    you should see a listing of the files in that directory, and be able to download them..

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I guess you could also find the files you want, and email the link addresses to your Treo. Once there, you can clik on them, and download that way.

    -hope this helps
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    If you found that midi file off the web, the easiest way is to just use blazer and point your url to that file. For example,

    It should ask you to open and save the file. I usually download the file to my PC and modify it (make it louder or cut it shorter). I then email it as an attachment to a web email account like fastmail or hotmail and download it from blazer.
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    Is there a way to synch it PC --> Treo 600? I thought that was a long way around going to the Net when you already have it in your PC unless that's a limitation.

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