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    I'm in the midwest and just wanted to let those of you know who are interested that Sprint's SMS is now available. However, I might note that Sprint IS charging an additional 5.00 per month charge for those of you who want SMS. In my opinion i'd buy treo600sms from pdaapps it's a 1 time charge and provides the same service without the monthly service charge. AND if you have the unlimited vision package you are not charged for any kind of usagae at all. Just my personal opinion.

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    It's still not working for me here in NC. What about people who had the Treo being "Grandfathered" in? I'm assuming that wasnt correct.
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    Did you get the SMS saying that it was working like they said you would?
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    I just tried the OE SMS, and it didn't work. i got the usual error screen saying that it's not working and I'll get an SMS when it does. I am in Austin,Texas
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    I'm in Oklahoma too and can't seem to get it. How do you sign up, I went to the web site and don't see how to add it to my plan either.

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