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    is there any word on upcomming handspring releases?

    if a new smartphone is comming out any time soon, it would influence my buying decision
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    any _real_ comments?
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    That WAS an excruciatingly accurate and real comment.
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    Probably a "new" revamped Treo600 that looks the same, but has the Pa1mOne logo on it, not Flip and the Handspring logo.(Booo )

    Maby a better center button on the 5-way and internal diferences like posably Blue Tooth or something. Same, but different.

    So basicaly, like Felipe said, no...

    just my 2-cents worth, I have nothing to back this up with, other then I pulled it out of thin air....
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    Originally posted by Spaz

    any _real_ comments?
    sorry, but this has been asked many a time in the past couple of weeks, and the 600 just came out.

    then again, I might be wrong.

    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    they just posted that the 610 is rumored to be released soon

    felipe: i thought you were just being a jackass
    the fact that you came back to clearify totally changes my opinion
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    sounds bogus to me... why would they release another so soon? the 600 just came out. I'm with all the people pointing out the lack of FCC approval and the fact that the news post was the first by that particular user. sounds fishy. and a march release date? that's only 2 months away. just doesn't sound plausable.
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    Wow - according to that website (pdadead) palm will boost the memory to 16MB or more.......

    I guess that just shows you how reliable that source is......

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    So would there be a trade up program for us t600 owners?

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