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    Had my new Treo 600 activated Thursday at 5:30 pm, and as of Saturday, I still have no Vision service and no voice service. With Vision, I get error 3000, which from what I've read on this forum, can either be temporary or fatal issue. When trying to make a phone call, get message that service has not been activated. Received "congratulations your service has been activated" message when initally setting up phone with Sprint PCS phone rep on Thursday. Spoke to data tech rep yesterday, he retriggered the provisioning process and had me do a hard reset, but to no avail. When going to preferences and network menu, it says "Sprint Provisioning" and there's a locked symbol at the bottom. Does this mean it's really in queue to provision and it's just a matter of time, or could there be another issue going on?
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    Take your T6 back for a replacement - just went through this same situation after picking up a new T6 last night although I don't recall having the locked symbol. Turns out the hardware had some sort of problem. Other than a couple of lost hours I'm a very happy camper now.

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