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    This is going to sound like a commercial but I don't care, this impressed the heck out of me...

    I dialed informatiion on my Treo 300 and got hit with what I considered a hugely overpriced fee... so I started checking around...

    Anyone ever use the infone service? They will do all kinds of crap that a normal information service can't wayyyy cheaper...

    To test them out, I was visiting relatives out of town, and we needed propane for their gas grill. I used the infone service and they started tracking down places for me in that area that I was in that sold propane!! It was great. They connected me place to place all in the same call for like under a buck. I HIGHLY recommend this as an alternative to the Treo's directory assistance which I think was like $1.50 just for a phone number.

    Guess what number occupies the first slot on my Treo 300's speed dial screen? You guessed it.
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    As a first try, you might want to use Directory Assistant, which is completely free. Then use Infone if DA doesn't find you what you want:


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    I use on my T600 almost daily. It consistently beats the results DA returns with.
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