I love my Treo 600 and have had it since the first day Sprint made it available. However, over the last two weeks a very annoying behavior has begun that is driving me crazy and making my Treo almost useless.

At random times, 6 or 8 times a day, even during phone calls, my Treo will pop up with a "Service Connection Progress" window that says "Connecting to PCS Vision". This disconnects the voice call I am on and interrupts anything else I am doing on the Treo at the time.

If the signal is "weak" the window stays on for about 10 sec, then changes to "Cancelling...", and turns off after about 5 more seconds. Then within 2 sec it starts the process all over again and this will continue until it gets a good signal so the connection can complete, or I turn wireless off. If I do a soft reset the cycle begins again when I turn wireless back on.

While this endless connection cycle is happening, I can do nothing else.

Shortly after getting my Treo 600 I installed the Eudora web browser and Versa Email clients and have used them very little. When this problem popped up I removed them to see if one of them was triggering the behavior. No change.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I have looked all over the handspring site with no luck.

Thanks for any insight or suggestions