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    I have had no trouble logging into My Yahoo until just recently. My treo 600 powered off and ever since I can't log into My Yahoo. Whenever I try to sign in it gives me this message:

    "The browser you're using refuses to sign in. (cookies rejected)."

    I went into Options > preferences > advanced > checked "accept cookies." The browser I am using is the one that came with the Treo. I haven't had trouble before and can log into My Yahoo just fine from my home computer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might fix this?
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    This topic has got a lot of traffic this week. Do a search for cookies.
    Go to the Application Laucher (house ICON button) and then hit menue and go to delete and delete "Web Cookies"
    Reagrds, Matt Burkhard
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    Thanks a lot. For everyone else with this problem follow this web link.

    It seems to be working just fine now. Just had to download filez from handango for free & delete the file "web cookies". Everything works now.
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    You don't have to download Filez. You can use the standard delete menu option (in the app launcher).
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    boy, that sounds very familar.....
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    Originally posted by Burkhardi
    boy, that sounds very familar.....
    Yep. I just wanted to clarify since someone posted conflicting information. A barber I used to go to had Saturday prices ($8 if I remember correctly) listed twice on his prices list, once after Seniors and once after Chidren to make clear that it didn't matter who you were on Saturday, you were paying at least $8!
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    no, that was not a jab at U. Unlike some folks here, that get snippy and just say "DO A SEARCH FOR THAT AND QUITE ASKING STUPID QUESTION" which I find rude and makes nubies not want to post due 2 flaming, I sugested to do a search (I assume if they new how, they would not post, so I wanted to let them know about a neat feature) so they could get more info on it form THIS messsage board. I even gave the answer to me even more helpful ansd they answer with a link to ANOTHER SITE, thatwas not needed. Our way works fine. Now FileZ rocks and it is definatly useful, but I almost wonder if it's a troll pluging another site.

    Or perhaps I just came across wrong. I was tryng to help, share more info and the search option as well as the answer to not be rude.

    I have been sick w/ the Flu all day, perhpas I am just being cranky?
    IT'S ALL GOOD,Matt
    so hard to tell ones thoughts and angle over the internet. Perhaps they were trying to help 2

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