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    Anyone know how to set the phone to receive calls while you are browsing the web. I have missed numerous calls due to the fact that it goes directly to voicemail while I'm checking short mail or e-mail, etc. I'm not even sure if it's possible; but if so, could someone tell me how... Thanks guys.
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    if your on the sprint network than your out of luck, the CDMA netowrk just doesn't support that.
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    I am on the Sprint network; I was afraid of that...thanks for the response though. I guess excellent reception when I am using the phone is an even trade for the occasional missed call while surfing the web.
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    With my GSM/GPRS network, it's not problem.... I can even get multiple call's while surfing......
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    According to some historical thread around here somewhere, the problem is not so much "browsing the web when a call comes in" as "actively moving data when a call comes in".

    That is, you can be READING a web page just fine and get a call, it's downloading the page that is the "killer".

    I don't remember, BTW, a distinction being made between CDMA and GSM w.r.t. this "problem" (but I could have faulty memory about that).
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    i have this problem to and i'm on gprs (t-mobile), is there a setting i can adjust to fix it?
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    On Sprint CDMA you cannot receive any call while you're using data. Unless you are idled, meaning the page your viewing have completely loaded.

    On GSM data is separate to voice calls so while you're surfing you are still able to recieve calls. The only time it will probably go to voicemail is if someone calls you while you are initiating data use. But once its in the process there should be no problem receiving calls.

    I prefer GSM over CDMA for that reason, besides the ability to swap phones by keeping just the SIM card, but unfortunately they dont have unlimited data plans that cost $15.
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    Originally posted by makrotonik
    i have this problem to and i'm on gprs (t-mobile), is there a setting i can adjust to fix it?
    this is SOP for t-mobile.

    No fix.
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