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    Does any one know how to compress a movie on to a 256 sd card
    I already own Kinoma producer and I am not sure what settings I sould use in it for best compression

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    check the multimedia section of this site.
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    What problem are you trying to solve? storage for transort or reducing file size to view? If the former I can't help, if the latter....

    Kinoma "compresses" files during conversions:

    Apocalypse now (DIVX rip) WAS 627mg now 511mg
    Assorted music viedos - 108mg to 21mg/33mg to 11mg, 42 mg to 13mg
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    I am trying to reduce file size to veiw but I wanted to make sure it was possible before I invest in a 512 sd

    Cheers Darko

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