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    Hello. New meat here. Drove out to Fedex local Friday night to pick up by new baby when my wife called the office to say they'd tried to deliver while she was out at the store.

    Got it, and I'm thrilled with it so far. Used a Handspring Prism "back in the day", but wasn't hardcore about it and eventually quit using it because it was too big and heavy and I didn't want to lug around yet another device. Being able to combine the phone so I can carry *one* device is a big selling point to me.

    Started to customize a little, browsed the web (cool!), got my email setup to automatically deliver every 15 minutes (even cooler!). Got my contacts synced from Outlook. As I said, so far so good.

    Told Blazer not to download pictures (might turn that on from time to time tho) as it was a little slower that way than I was willing to put up with (but damn pretty!).

    Couple questions:

    Any word on sales during the holiday season on these bad boys? I know they had a two-four week delay notice posted from about Dec. 16 (I ordered mine on the 19th). I assume that is a good sign. Tho I'm concerned they are under producing these bad boys as I don't see them for sale in the newspaper ads, as I do so many other phones and PDAs.

    Also, has anyone put together a list of nifty low-bandwith web sites that I can use to keep up with the news without eating into my bandwidth allowance too greatly, or taking too long to download the page?

    Best. Geo
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    Handspring/PalmOne only produce treos that are ordered by the carriers.

    There arent hard sell numbers yet, just shipped numbers.

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    aside from this forum, was also a good place to start when I came back to the treo line. there are links, reviews and software that's geared for the treo detailed there, have fun!!
    -- berto

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