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    I have had "Palmies" for a loooooong time, and I am madly in love with the TREO 600, but lack the graffiti. Does anyone know if there are any previsions of something as awesome as the Treo 600 WITH graffiti?? I can't stand the typing.... Thanks, WW
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    Install 'Graffiti Anywhere' - it will solve your problem. And, it is FREE
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    Will the graffiti anywhere work as a normal graffiti? Where will I write? How does it work? Thanks so much for the quick response. WW
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    I had been wishing for this, thanks for the tip!

    The Treo180 is my first Palm ever, but I was wishing for graffiti nonetheless. I do take out the stylus a lot for faster editing, and switching back to the keyboard while holding the stylus is sometimes awkward.

    WWWW, you draw anywhere on the screen, after setting up how you want to activate it (several ways available). btw, you can download it here:

    If anyone needs it, here's a small reference chart that could be a useful addition (Graffiti Help 1.6):

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    THere is a great thread on this, search for "graffiti treo600" and have match name turned off.

    Or click below

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