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    I just wanted to write that while I love the Treo 600 I am going to have to stop using the device. Last Wednesday, December 31, the speaker stopped functioning on my handset. The only way I could hear the party I am talking to is with the headset. When this occured I called Handspring and they issued a replacement order. Now almost a week later, I have a handset that has stopped functioning altogether and no replacement. I just got off the phone with Handspring, spoke with a supervisor (Ray ext 20206) who politely informed me that they have NO handsets to ship out as replacements and that they are not scheduled in for "roughly" 2-4 weeks.

    I don't want to sound like a jerk or arrogant but I spend about 5000 minutes a month on the phone; to say that it is a requirement for my job is an understatement. I need a reliable phone, and a manufacturer that stands behind the product. I have used the Treo 180, the Treo 270, even the Tungsten W, and when those products failed both Palm and Handspring had replacement units to me within days. I understand there is a great demand for this product, however a company needs to understand that they need to service the product once in the customers hand.

    Not having replacement units readily available is just not right, nor is it any way to build brand loyalty.

    If anyone else has had similar experiences I would like to hear about them. I have to stop ranting now and leave my office to buy a new phone.
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    New phone finally arrived on January 20, three weeks from the date the order was placed.

    Handspring aka Palmone just does not understand how to service a business user.

    But better yet, the replacement phone arrived DOA. I have already had to purchase a phone from another vendor, I will now be asking for a refund.

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