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    I've got the settings set to use the cable, but when I push the button, it tries to hotsync via IR. I can cancel and push the hotsync label on the touchscreen and get it to work, but the cable button always starts an infrared sync.

    I've done a hard reset, which fixes the problem. But then when I sync and reload my programs/settings, the problem recurs. So I know it is a problem with the software or preferences somehow. I've quintuple checked the Hotsync setting is set to "CABLE".

    I've also tried syncing another Treo on the same computer without problem, so it is definitely the Treo. It does the same thing on another computer, as well.

    It must be something to do with the applications or something.

    Very odd.

    Please post a solution if anyone has one.

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    lets see.

    from hotsync app.
    connection setup
    select cradle/cable
    tap edit
    what does via say?
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    On the Treo, the HotSync App, under Cable/Cradle says:

    Connect to PC
    Via Cradle/Cable

    Even if I slow the data rate way down, same problem.

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