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    OK.. I use Iambic mail and it's fine for sending and receiving my pop mail but is there any program or hack that would enable the phone to check for mail every so often??? I'd like to receive some sort of notification whenever I receive a mail message rather than have to manually check for mail all the time...

    any ideas?

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    If your email server supports the IMAP protocol, then use Chatter (

    Instant notification (sound, vibrate, etc.) of new email through Chatter; you can then download the email with your POP3 or IMAP email client.

    If you are not married to Iambic mail, then check out SnapperMail (

    SnapperMail is awesome; and allows you to schedule preodic fetches.

    I actually use both; Chatter for instant notification, and then SnapperMail set up for periodic (hourly in my case) checks.

    Thank you.
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    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    Ditto for Chatter and SnapperMail. Chatter works great as "push mail."
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    You can use Handspring Mail. Right now it's in Beta, but I have it check my POP server every 15 minutes.

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