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    It seems that my T600 does not like my USB hub (could be any hub, I don't know), anyone else going thru a hub due to not having enough USB inputs?

    This was not an issue with the T300. I have had a 4 port, USB hub on my PC (Win98SE) and it's been fine. I use the 5volt AC converter that came with it, verses the USB buss voltage.

    It seems that My T600 doesn't like it, and my Jump Drive Trio doesn't like it either.

    Any ideas?
    TIA, Matt Burkhard
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    Works fine with my D-Link USB hub. What chipset does your motherboard use? Please don't say "a Via XXX".

    Also, it COULD be the hub.

    Try it w/o the hub just for grins. Some hubs are picky. Could be the USB drivers too.
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    Works fine with out the hub, if I plug into the USB on the rear of the tower.

    Please don't say "a Via XXX".
    I don't understand...

    When you say chipset, do you mean the CPU? PetemiumIII running Win98SE
    Thansk, Matt

    Could be my hub, it an el cheapo...So your D-Link works fine..
    Perhaps i'll get a new hub. how many ports does your D-link have?
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    I have had a similar problem in the past, when using a hub that did not have enough power to supply to all ports.
    Is your hub connected to an AC power supply of its own?
    That may solve your problem.
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    I use the 5volt AC converter that came with it, verses the USB buss voltage.
    Yes, I think a new hub is in order. It was one of those free ones (4 port)
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    A chipset is a umm...set of chips (hehe) on a motherboard that control the interaction between all of the components.

    my D-Link is a 4 port.
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    So I guess it's a Intell chip set.
    Anyway, it was cheaper to buy a USB2 card for my PCI slot then to get a new hub. So know the USB1.1 plug that was going to the hub is now free, and I have 4 more external USB2 to use, as well as the other USB1.1 that is going to my speakers and there is one extra USB2 on the board on the inside that I could always tie into..

    It syncs fine now. I suspect it was the el cheap hub I had

    Thanks for the help, Matt
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    I've had same issue too with my 4-port USB hub, it's intermittent and very noticeable when there are at least two devices plugged into the hub. I lost the A/C cord for the hub so I've been using the power from the alptop to run the hub. I have to repeatedly un/re-plug from the hub when the problem occurs. I'm using WinXP Pro on laptop.
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