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    This would be really cool: you know that little slide thing that the GSM chip goes on? To find something that can hold 2 back to back. That way, when you want to switch numbers / chips, you can easily do that without carrying the other chip in your pocket, removing, replacing, etc. etc.

    Any thoughts?
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    There are multi-gsm chips out there, I'm not quite sure how they work, but if someone could enlighten me/us then I might be inclined to buy one (once the phone is unlocked to work with the other carrier of course!)
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    Thanks for that info, with that here's what I found:
    Company Website:

    I just wrote for more info, so I'll post what (if) they reply...
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    I've seen several dual sim apparatus on ebay. Some of them are replacement covers for specific phones, and some are just a dual holder and a ribbon cable which you presumably stuff into the phone somehow.

    I did see also see a weird one on there..

    I have no idea how it works. I suspect that you actually have to physically cut your sims and fit them into that device. The reason I think that is because it says it includes "3 - Plastic SIM holder x 2 (resume SIM to original size)."

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