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    I hate to show my ignorance but whats the deal with unlocking a phone. I just ordered a treo 600 from treo central with sprint. Is there something to be gained from unlocking? the phone.

    Also, anyone else orde products from treo central. This is my first order and i was suprized with the lack of on line look up for order status, tracking number for shipment. I even tried to call but only got a recording-what gives?
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    Unlocking is relevant for those with GSM Treo 600's, as multiple carriers use GSM (i.e., AT&T, Tmobile & Cingular). The nature of a GSM phone involves insertion of a "SIM Card". By unlocking the phone, a different carrier's SIM card can be inserted, and thus used, with the phone-- making it much easier, in the practical sense, to move from carrier to carrier (and unlocked GSM phone to unlocked GSM phone).

    As for Sprint and its CDMA technology, the only other major CDMA player is Verizon, which seems to "can you hear me now" about everything EXCEPT highly desirable phones (BlueTooth, Treo 600).

    Sorry-- can't help you with your TreoCentral inquiry, and based on what you've said, I'll likely embrace that state of ignorance on the continuum.
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    Just an update.
    I spoke with the folks from Treo Central about my order. They have great customer satisfaction. They handled my order perfectly. They said that if there is a high volume of calls, callers go directly into voice mail and they call back-I guess its better than being on hold for 30 minutes. Anyway, they have great customer satisfaction and I will definately buy from these folks again

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