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    I was in Spain travelling with my mother, like a good son . I gave her my T270, since I have my T600, both of us using prepaid. She just had it stolen. I called the number after about 20 minutes, and the person picked up!! Anyways, I went to the police, reported everything stolen, etc etc. I asked if they could triangulate the phone, they said no. I was suprised becuase my brother who works at ATT tells me itīs possible. In any case, you canīt call out with the phone because itīs on GPRS for ATT. But is there anyway to check to see if the phone resurfaces?? Like see if the phone has gotten onto the GPRS netork, is a certain number logged or something? Does that make sense?

    Also, is there any security software I can install for my T600? I was thinking, maybe setting my start page to a web page on one of my domains that logs IP addresses, so if they ever start up the web browser, I can see the IP, and then...? Any suggestions? Sorry if this is a bit garbled, but Iīm seriously pissed right now, so...
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    I purchased mSafe for this very reason. Check it out here.

    Not yet available for 600 though, but works great on my 270.


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    Hmmm... since it locks by sending an SMS message, think it'll work for Sprint users?

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