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    Hey guys, I've been a long time Handspring fan ever since the origional Handspring Visor Delux (I had the charcoal black). Since then I've had a Visor Prism and Treo 180 but now a beautiful brand new Sony Ericsson p900 relaxes in the palm of my hand. Why you may ask, after being such a diehard Handspring fan? Sony Ericsson is the best overall, and probubly will be for a while. You can't even compare anything to the p900 because it has so much. I WAS VERY excited for the Treo 600, but no T-Mobile version out yet. My Christmas $$ goes to Sony, sorry Handspring! And sorry guys, but I'll check back occasionally to see how yall are doin
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    Good luck finding decent series60/uiq applications. The reason I sold my 6600 and got my treo was the lack of anything useful for series60.
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    I still don't understand why people are waiting for T-Mobile , and in this case giving up the T600 altogether because of T-Mobile's lack of participation thus far. I've had no problems using my T-Mobile SIM in a Cingular unit, and also no problem removing the Cingular branding. You guys out there need to realize that T-Mobile got the same GSM Treo to play with as everyone else, and if they said "not good enough" and HS is working on firmware/software updates, those updates are going to be made available to ALL GSM users whose experience might be improved. There really was no reason to wait, but now that the upgrade deal is gone, you might as well. I'm sorry Drakion decided that he had to jump ship over such a nonissue.

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    After 2 months of agonizing, I finaly did it.

    I returned my battery-dead T270 to the authorized Philippines distributor for a new 270 (set me back US$ 145.00). I in turn gave this to my daughter who was overjoyed to have a palm-based phone.

    Just a few hours ago, I purchased the SE P900. Yes, it may not have a zillion applications, but whatever the symbian developers have out there will suffice. And more important, it's the same price as the T600 here in the Philippines with a gazillion more features. More important, SE has a presence here and provides support for its products.

    The T600 batch here in the Philippines are real Edsels. They're being sold by our biggest mobile carrier and complaints have been piling up.

    The authorized distributor here to this day does not have one T600 unit to sell...the irony of it all.

    I sure am gonna miss this forum, but my daughter will be registering in my place soon.

    I'll check in from time to time and see what's happening. Who knows, I may yet get a T 1200.

    Thanks for the memories.

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    Originally posted by jojoc
    After 2 months of agonizing, I finaly did it.

    Good luck with the P900 jojoc... Hope to see you around here sooner than later...
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