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    Just saw that they have Java for the Treo. It's only $5.99, which is cheap, but I find it odd that I'd have to pay for Java if I wanted it. Never heard of that.
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    Be careful, the version you can currently buy apparently doesn't work on the Treo600. There is a beta version available, but I think you have to register for the Palm developer's program to get access to it.

    It is a bit strange. I wonder why Sun didn't release an updated version...
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    Really? Odd.

    I DID download a version last week..and when I installed it, it reset the Palm.
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    The version for OS4 will crash the need the beta - and that is only avail for "developers".

    Sun's MIDP4Palm was HORRIBLE. It worked but that's about all you could say for it. It was very slow and was only MIDP 1.0 In all fairness though it wasn't intended to be a product.

    Truthfully I think if it wasn't for the IBM/Palm relationship there would be no Java on Palm. Sun and Palm apparently don't get along so well. That's bad for both companies. I really think Palm should be picking up the tab on the JVM as it will encourage more development for their devices.

    In any case The J9 beta works reasonably well. I loaded an app I wrote under the Sun JVM on J9 at it worked great.

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