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    Originally posted by newtreouser
    Alright you guys are right, it was a stupid thing to do and especially write about it . . . I promise I will never do that again.
    Apology accepted. Who here among us has never driven over the speed limit or done something stupid or inattentive while driving? 99.9-percent of the time, there are no consequences. The other 0.1-percent creates devastating consequences.

    WebSter the attorney said something interesting. I'm also a lawyer and have spent several years doing insurance defense work (defending auto accident cases brough by allegedly injured victims). I've never had a plaintiff admit they were talking on the phone when the accident occurred. However, I've never subpoening the phone records to investigate the matter.

    I'm going to start collecting phone records for every accident case I do.
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    Originally posted by newtreouser

    p.s. I do not have a H2. I have a perfect driving record for the last 25 years with no tickets, no accidents. I do not drink and drive or speed.
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    As said before, using your treo while drivind is a dangerous thing to do. Id you have to make a phone call at least use a handsfree kit.
    Never ever browse while you drive, it only takes 1 second to miss an obstacle...
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    Yes I too am guilty of occasionally checking email or posting while driving. But only while stopped in traffic.

    But there is a faster and safer way to post. I am doing at least 100 MPH right now on my way home from DC. An engineer is driving and we never swerve off the tracks.

    I ride the Amtrak Acela express train 4X per week NJ to DC and back and could not live without my Treo on these commutes.
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    HEY! Atleast hes not flippin burgers and typin on his Treo, wouldn't want him to f*** my Big Mac up
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