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    I wanted to know:

    If I use a scanner and scan a book of mine into .pdf file. Can I automatically read that on the Treo 600?

    Any info appreciated. Thanks.
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    You would have to convert the .pdf using the adobe pdf reader for palm and then syncing it your treo.
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    Fair warning, PardNah: I doubt you'll have the desired level of success with the free PalmOS converter offered by Adobe. I tried it with a couple of their versions, but gave up. The results were such a PIA that I never went back for the latest version. I also tried with the full Acrobat package, which I've owned and upgraded thru the years. That's better, as there are plug-ins to pull the text out of the page. Best bet I've found to date = Repligo. Run a search on $30, but a trial is available so you can actually test it on some pages. Keep in mind though-- scanning gives you only a picture of text, not text itself, which is why so many converters stumble.

    Finally, just in case you are not familiar with this >>> You may want to browse/search or for an ebook version of your text. If you decide to purchase at PalmDigitalmedia, stop at first, where you'll find the current week's 10% off discount code. may also be helpful, as it allows you to run a search for an ebook using keywords. But don't consider the results to be carved in stone. Some ebooks are not include in the database it taps.
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    Try the PDF2Doc converter. It will convert pdf to standard palm docs which can be easily read with standard reader like palm reader...
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