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    does anyone know if palm-branded sd cards....the ones that have dictionaries, wine guides or games on them....if these are compatible with the treo 600 (which of course has an sd slot)?

    the palmone site makes no mention of treo units and their sd cards....i don't know if that is because they are missing drivers or if it is just because they haven't updated their website fully about the treos yet.
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    i guess what i menat was expansion cards. these are the ones i want. and handspring makes no mention of them.....
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    i have the sega one, and it doesn't work for me.
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    ok, so that probably means none of them work. too bad.....
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    Well, its been a while, anyone try the Palmone expansion cards? Some say they can be used with the Treo 90 and OS5 handhelds but Palm is not much help in telling me if the Woldwide cities card will work in the 600. Anyone know? It has a $30 rebate offer I would like to get if it will work.
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