Well, I just cancelled my Treo 600/Cingular order today -

I've got T-Mobile; but wanted to get a 600 sooner, and so ordered one during the 'upgrade period'. Unfortunately, when I entered '53' for my birthdate on the order form (as opposed to picking 53 from the list) and hit enter, the form responded by taking it's default year (87) and skipping back 1 to '86'.

That made me 17 years old (I'm 50), as far as Cingular was concerned. So, after a week in 'Carrier Manual Review' status, during which time I called Handspring twice (hung up after 10 minute holds) and emailed (only to get a 'call us' reply), they CANCELLED my order (because Cingular doesn't sell to minors).

So - I called Handspring and sat through the hold. I spoke w/Chris, who was actually pretty knowledgable and helpful. She took my order and even though the deadline was past, said I could still get the 'upgrade' price. Later that day, she called back, and said that I'd have to place the order myself, and that she would get me a credit. So, I did so, on December 5th.

Today, after 5 days (the web site says shipments in a week or less), my order was still in 'Order Received' status. So, I called, and spoke with a bozo who could not figure out that I didn't want him to expedite my order (despite the fact that I TOLD him that several times), but only wanted him to re-assure me that there was a reason it was still in 'Order Received' status and tell me when they might START processing my order (the first order went to Cingular in 24 hours). After he told me that there were no supervisors available, and that Chris was also unavailable, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle and cancelled the order.

So, the old adage apparently applies - "To err is human - to really foul things up requires a computer". I hope no one else has this level of hassle.

Perhaps when the T-Mobile upgrade becomes available, I'll give 'em one more try (anyone know when that might happen)?

Clay Jackson