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    Hey I've got another one! once connected to a web page, how do i get billed (i know actual rates differ to different companies) but is it by time on a page or bytes sent and recieved......
    Also to disconnect from the internet so i'm not still getting charged(assuming its done by time) is it as simple as selecting another app and thats it ..or would i still be connected. basically how do you disconnect from the net
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    What device are you using?
    CDMA or GSM?
    Need more info
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    its gsm
    and its made in mexico
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    They're all made in mexico.
    So it depends, if you use dial up (CSD) connection which it's like being on a phone call, you're consumming airtime and your charged per minute or comes out of your pooled minutes and you want to disconnect when done by going to preferences>network>disconnect. If you use the gprs connection, which is the best way, your charged for kb's transferred and not by the amount of time you spend on the internet so there is no real need to disconnect when you are done.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone

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