on the treo 600, a few questions:

1. when i get an email meesage on my treo, can i automatically double tap it or something and add it to my contacts? My service does not go active till Monday. If I go with AOL 3.0 I'm afraid if I load new addresses into my Treo I'm going to have to "re-type" the addresses into my AOL address book on my desktop PC. If I just get rid of my AOL service and i can double tap and add emails into my contact records then ive got everything in one spot everywhere in Outlook. Is this the right way to look at this?

2. I am signed up for the $100 per month plan that includes business connection web services etc. Do I need an ISP or does the phone already have some way of getting me to the web? I am already an AOL member and sbc yahoo dsl at home. If i need an ISP service to get live on the web with my phone, and I already have AOL, should I use this?

3. If i am using outlook as my mail service will any application or 3rd party piece allow me to just turn on my unit and see my emails without putting in passwords etc. I know snappermail works with non - proprietary products but not with AOL, MSN etc. How much of a difference is it to retrieve Outlook mail vs. AOL mail if I load AOL 3.1 on the treo - is it the same time and same process or is Outlook mail easier because the Treo has that functionality built in?

4. Finally - if I want to consolidate all my diff email addresses to one address, anyone have any good suggestions of what to use to make that happen - how to do it? My thought is to "push" all my AOL emails to Outlook then just check the Outlook emails on the treo - - unless its the same amount of work to check Outlook as it is AOL on the Treo in which case maybe I just load AOL 3.1 on here and push the Outlook mail to it. Any recommendations??

lost in techno - space - - Adam