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    After reading some reviews on the Treo 600, I was surprised to hear that it offered a finally "real" Web experience (and speeds) for a PDA/PocketPC phone device.

    I'm not sure what those people define as "real," but it takes about 2-3 minutes for me to render a single page, and since most information is buried 3-4 pages into a site, it's at least 10 minutes before I get where I want to be. That would be navigating six sites in an hour.

    For example: a store locator, a forums thread, an eBay "bid" or "Items I'm selling page," or even many news stories that aren't on mobile-enabled sites.

    Have you guys noticed the same?

    I really like my Treo 600, but I'd say my Sidekick renders the Web better (though it's just as slow and there's no java support). I'm not sure if the Treo uses a compression algorithm for graphics (Verizon mobile office has a compression utility which shrinks all Web graphics when you're using a laptop with a cell modem) -- but it could use one.

    What's the deal? Where's that REAL Web experience?

    It makes you feel kind of misled -- like when they use professional high-resolution pictures to illustrate the alleged digital camera output on a phone (which should be banned as a practice).
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    I agree with you. some sites are painfully slow to open. Blazer needs an update real soon.
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    Yeah, that's the major complaint I've heard about the new Blazer... frankly, the Javascript support is worth much more to me than fast page loads - I couldn't even buy a movie ticket on my 270. And the ability to pick out phone numbers from Yellow Pages or store pages and dial them from the Blazer program is a pretty big deal for me too.

    The real problem here is Blazer's tendency not to display pages until everything is loaded. However, this might be a stability-type thing. I've noticed my 270 choking quite a bit, requiring a reset, if I'm trying to navigate/scroll around a page while it is still in the process of loading/processing/rendering portions of the page.

    Who knows Handspring's reasons... but it sure would be nice to get a Javascript-capable browser that renders on-the-fly.

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    it must depend heavily on your connection speed. on the commuter train to NYC in the morning, i can get the NY times or the WSJ relatively quickly once the images are cached. with 'no images' mode turned on, it is almost always fast. i'm not saying the blazer experience compares to a 2 GHz desktop running IE or mozilla, just that its fast enough not be a big problem.
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    I find the web experience excellent overall. Especially when you consider what you're using to surf...

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    I was doing side by side comparisons with my Sidekick today, and the SK was rendering pages much more quickly than the Treo. If Blazer would show the top of the page first and allow movement quickly, it would help. This hanging until almost everything is rendered is a problem.
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    Sidekick is T-Mo, correct?
    What Treo600? GSM or CDMA?
    My CDMA willl surf faster then my friends dial up at his house. I am happy with mine, perhaps the towers are weak, too far away or over congested where you live? Code Division, mutipul Access, I assume like a LAN connection or being on Road Runner, the more people that it has to mutiplex with, the slower the speed?
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    My Treo is CDMA/Sprint.

    Sidekick is T-Mobile.

    It's a good question. My tests have been fairly consistent in the Atlanta area and in rural Georgia.

    No doubt the CDMA is way faster in its raw form, but the volume of data the GSM has to push through to the Sidekick is much smaller, because the Danger server compresses the jpgs to smaller files before sending them.

    The Sidekick's browser used to be slower than it is now, but it seems T-Mobile and Danger have bought a bunch more bandwidth or something....

    That's what I don't understand... even hooking a laptop to Sprint, I get faster loads of the same full-sized web sites than I do with the Treo.
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    My experience with browsing via the Treo 600 has been great - I've done everything from reading email to shopping. I bought my tickets this week for the new Lord of the Rings movie from - while sitting at the local Subway sandwich shop.

    All in all, I've been very pleased. When we get Java support in the near future, it should get even better.

    My speed experience has been better than some I've read - I'm assuming that tower placement and signal coverage do play a part in the performance you see.
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    Could we use something like Squid to compress the images like the Sidekick?

    Does Blazer let you specify a proxy?
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    Blazer definitely needs some more options. a "right click" (menu button + point) would be nice...for SAVE TARGET AS, etc, and to "SHOW IMAGE" if the images are turned off.
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    Originally posted by PeteEMT
    Could we use something like Squid to compress the images like the Sidekick?

    Does Blazer let you specify a proxy?
    Start up Blazer, and either click on the menu button on the keyboard, or tap the Bookmarks tab with your stylus.

    Options > Preferences > Advanced > Set Proxy

    There you go

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    Wow. Thanks for that. I'm going to go out and test it with a Proxy right now and see if it improves performance at all.
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    I've had a generally good experience, though Blazer does crash periodically. For instance, when viewing a close-up of a frame then going to a different site, I would say I get a crash 7 out of 10 times.

    And I definitely agree about needing more options. How about font size?! With such a small screen, and the super-tiny font Blazer seems to like, it can sometimes be very difficult to read. I should be able to override the default behavior with the large font, even if it screws up the page flow (as if the small screen size doesn't do that enough as is).
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    Originally posted by Burkhardi
    Sidekick is T-Mo, correct?
    What Treo600? GSM or CDMA
    SideKick is T-Mo, and it is GSM.
    Treo 600 for Sprint PCS is CDMA, while the Treo 600 for Cingular, AT&T Wireless and, in the future, for T-Mo, are all GSM.
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    Sprint CDMA in So Calif. screams. My old Kyocera 6035 was slow, the T600 has very respectable speeds. This is not a P4 rig, in case you hadn't noticed.
    I dig it!
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    ...because when I use the T600 with PdaNet as a modem for my laptop, the pages load much more quickly...

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