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    I'm somewhat confused about the Treo capabilities. I have not purchased one but I was hoping someone here could give me some advice.

    We are located in Virginia. We have alot of different service providers. We are looking for strong coverage at military installations, specificly Fort Belvoir. My understanding is that Ft. Belvoir has Blackberry repeaters installed on top of their buildings.

    Our must have feature is push email (ala Blackberry).

    Is there out-of-the-box push email functionality with a Treo?

    I understand there is a couple different services the Treo can support CDMA and GSM. Does push email work with both?

    What is the advantage of GSM over CDMA? I believe that CDMA has an advantage because of broader coverage but what are the draw backs?

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    Right now nothing out there does what a Blackberry does. If you are looking for push email, it's stil the "gold standard" Some PDA's (incl Treo 600), and Good Technology will try to tell you its the same..... it's not.

    I have a BB 7230 on TMO system with Blackberry server. It's the most reliable phone, PDA, etc, I have ever owned.

    TMO's GPRS system is fine in the Northeast and mid atlantic.

    TMO offers a stand alone BB unlimited data plan at 39.99 (29.99 w/ a voice plan)

    Don't get me wrong.... a Treo 600 is a great tool, just not if push email is a must.

    Hope that helps
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    After some googling, I've found that Cingular was contracted to install Mobitex base stations on the base of Fort Belvoir. So, if I'm understanding this correctly. This would probably not be using the GSM network for there Blackberry.

    Does Blackberry/GSM combo still work on a roaming network? I mean if your not on a TMO network and AT&T is only available will push email still work?

    It seems Cingular/Mobitex network is broader coverage than TMO's GSM network...
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    I think I saw an interview somewhere with a Sprint representative that said they were getting into corporate/push email technology for the T600. You could either launch a Sprint client on your work machine and have that grab/push incoming mail to your Treo (your work computer would have to be on), or install it at the server level if it's a companywide deployment of Treos. I don't think they provide you with a wireless email address that they can push things to, but I'm not positive about that.

    I know that when I had my Palm i705 waaay back in the day, it featured server-push email with my email address. I'm not sure if they still do this with the wireless Tungsten line and AT&T, but it could be something else worth checking out, if you feel set on the Palm OS rather than Blackberry.

    Another "simple" solution would be to use an email client on the Treo set to check your POP account every 5 minutes or so... that's generally what I do when I'm mobile.

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    Sprint's "Business Connection" is a piece of desktop software that acts as a proxy server for a mailbox living behind a corporate firewall. it supports outlook, lotus notes, and imap. so you run "business connection" on a desktop behind the firewall and BC makes a connection through the firewall via SSL to some sprint server on the "outside". the corresponding treo600 BC client can then access your corporate mailbox over this connection (because TCP/IP connections are bi-directional). and for the paranoid, since the connection is over SSL, it is secure and completely shrouded from prying eyes. the BC treo600 client also lets you register an additional two POP/IMAP mailboxes that have to be available directly from the internet. they're assuming that the typical user has a corporate mailbox behind a firewall and one or two private mailboxes directly on the internet. the sprint server machinery that the desktop BC connects to handles the polling of your mailbox and the "push" of new mail to the treo600 BC client (configurable speed).

    i knew i was in trouble when i first received my treo, discovered BC, and asked a sprint operator what it did (the descriptions are all so vague). her response was that she knew what it was but not what it did!

    unfortunately for me, my private mailbox *also* lives behind a firewall and there is no way to run two desktop BC instances to expose them (you'd need two BC ID's/passwords).

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